No-Sew Make-Do Posie Pics

Meet Sandra Salamony, Good Harbor's Art Director, and the graphic layout and design artist of Primitive Quilts and Projects. She shared this groovy project with us today:

I love coming up with "Make Do" projects. My Grandma collected seed pods and boxes of pistachio nut shells. She highly valued the ability to make something pretty out of nothing. She also may have been something of a hoarder, hence the boxes of pistachio shells I am popping Into the compost pile.

Anyhoo, I was making some no-sew posie picks out of scrap wool felt with tacky glue, extra buttons, and trimmed bamboo skewers. It occurred to me that this might be a good “stay busy and creative in quarantine” project for kids--children old enough to use scissors, but who might not yet be interested in sewing. I give it a one-crow rating for difficulty!

Thank you, Sandra!

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