Welcome to our new NEW Website!!

Many of you will likely understand the "fun" of technical hiccups, failed functions, complete halt of operations...let's just say we wish we would have bought shares of stock in Migraine meds last year!  ha!  

So, here we are just 4 months after revealing our OLD new website....now happily residing on the capable servers of www.bigcommerce.com and pretty much good to go!  Believe it or not, we had everything rebuilt in one week!  There's something about having 5 websites in 5 years that now has us trained to be very efficient at delegating who does what and we just get 'er done.

Within this next week, we will have all our old Blog posts migrated here to the new website - all in one seamless system and integrated into our business.  Additionally, we will be adding things like "live-feed" from FB and Twitter - it will be fun for you to be able to visit our site and check up on what's going on in the industry, all the news and chatter.  In May, the fine folks at BigCommerce will open up the programming module for the site and we will do fun things like having a moving carousel, integrating sales through Facebook and other social media avenues.  Whew!  I guess we're not "done" after all!

At any rate, please rest assured that we have always and will always operate a safe and secure shopping experience at Primitive Quilts and Projects.  And as we learn our new system, and get used to moving around the back-end, processing orders and shipping, please lend a little patience and understanding.  We are working diligently to make sure this transition is smooth, and ultimately that we can serve our readers better and better each day.

Have a wonderful day, and please visit again soon!

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