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Baking with Mom: Pineapple-Raisin Cookie Squares

I don’t know how Mom did it all those years, as a full-time working other of 5 children (one boy and four girls). She sewed clothing for herself and her four daughters, attended all our events, and managed to bake over 80 dozen Christmas cookies every year.Of all the cookies she made, my favorite has been the “Pineapple-Raisin Cookie Squares”. Mom and I got together to bake a batch. To give you a…

Tips from Our Readers, Group #2

The image above is "Redbird Pincushion" by Nancy Conn, published in our Winter 2011 issue.This is group 2 of our Reader Tips from our October 24th newsletter survey. These make for enjoyable reading. Tips cover topics ranging from taking your time and enjoying yourself, to various ways of holding pieces in place, to myriad favorite products, and so much more. Enjoy! I grew up with…