Summer 2014

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Height 11.00
Width 8.50
Depth 0.25

In this Issue:

Brandywine by Pat Sloan

Four the Birds by Lynda and Sarah Hall

Daylily Days by Kay Harmon

Hearts and Stripes Forever by Diane D. Knott

Henrietta Little by Deb Day

Berry Time by Plays with Wool Designs

The House That Jack Built by Debbie Wick

Crow Cottage by Bernice Bradford

My Home Town by Sharon Keightley

Welcome Home by Jen Daly

Button Love by Liezbeth Gottschall

Words to Live By by Laural Arestad

Keeper of the Bees by Yvonne Buus

Shoofly Delight by Catherine Hughes

Scrappy Baskets by Els Feteris-Stam

Picnic in the Park by Homestead Hearth