Summer 2015

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Height 11.00
Width 8.50
Depth 0.25

In this Issue:

Floral Fancy by Miriam Rawson

Spirit of Summer by Tonya Robey

Home Sweet Home by Gail Pan

Ride the Rails by Stacy West

Willowbend by Leonie Bateman

Ewe and I by Kay Harmon

Love Blooms Here by Rebekah Smith

On the Fence by Deanne Eisenman

Antique Garden by Moda Designers

Roly Poly by Lori Ann Corelis

Butterfly Wishes by Kathy Flowers

Nestled in the Woods by Darlene Szabo

Furry Friends by Lynette Anderson

Charmed, I'm Sure by Lynne Hagmeier

Spring Break by Jan Patek

Pebble Beach by Karen Wittmeyer