Winter 2014

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Height 11.00
Width 8.50
Depth 0.25

In this Issue:

Jingle by Becky Delsman and Kim Schueffner

Wednesday's Angels by Cheri Payne

Cool Guys by Els Feteris-Stam

Mistletoe and Holly by Jan Speed

Square Dance by Julie Hendricksen

A Vintage Christmas by Kaaren Johnston

Pomegranates and Holly by Kay Harmon

Snowballs by Liezbeth Gottschall

Rudolph's Favorite Tree by Lisa Cantlay

Winter Time by Lori Brechlin

Winter Welcome by Mardi Niles

Gettysburg by Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robison

Kristy and Peep by Phyllis Meiring

Give Me Strength by Tonya Robey

Little Heart by Virginie Goussé