Inspo - Jeri's House

Posted by Kristine Hastings and Jeri Alcoset on Feb 21st 2022

From Kristine Hastings and Jeri Alcoset

Hi Judy,

Our human interest / inspo project is Jeri’s house. Dimensions are 13" x 40".  I used to cross stitch homes for people so I thought I would try using wool. The design tells a story and uses "Hollywood license", as my husband says. The open fence invites you in to look at the details. The crow on the roof signifies that they were frequent visitors. The color of tongues are all the colors of wool I bought to get the right color for the house. Tongues are inverted because we like mixing it up. Jeri gave me the cool wood buttons for a Christmas gift. The roses are made with our signature flowers. We like using beads so buttons and beads were used on the lavender. There are just so many details-wreath, lamp post, porch light, hinges on gate and more. The comforter offers a blue sky and it is one of our favorite backgrounds to stitch on.