A message to our valued PQP readers:

Since 2011, we’ve been working hard to bring you valued content that you can enjoy and create with. From the projects to the designers to the everyday content, we’ve taken your feedback throughout the years, producing something that we are all truly proud of. And through all of the changes in the publishing industry—costs of printing, COVID-19, shrinking newsstands—we’ve held strong, knowing that our community counted on us to deliver the same content that they’ve grown to love.

 After COVID-19—although our subscription numbers shrunk, quilt shops were able to carry less, and newsstands were a fraction of what they once were—we spent time evaluating what made the most sense for PQP and our company as a whole. And for the last year, we’ve been at a crossroads: Do we shut the magazine down, or do we move it online and continue producing the same content (with more opportunity for growth)?

The last year, we finally hit the breaking point. The cost of paper, printing, postage, shipping, and newsstand fees were no longer sustainable. And so, instead of closing the doors on PQP and ending the run for our beloved brand, we made the decision to take it online, where we can add additional content, audio and video, and allow our readers to continue to enjoy the beloved content they’ve grown accustomed to. Same amazing magazine—accessible on your computer, iPad, phone, with full printing capabilities so you can continue creating with us.

We wanted to provide you with a bit more of an explanation as to how we came to this decision. We don’t take any decision we make lightly, and we hope you can understand that we moved to digital with our subscribers in mind. We want to continue to provide you with top primitive designs, and we hope you can appreciate our decision and remain a valued subscriber!

At this time, we are not offering refunds on our subscriptions, as we are still providing our readers with the same content, back issues of all PQP issues since 2011, and bonus features, along with individual patterns for purchase on the website.

Thank you!
The Good Harbor and PQP Team


How is the digital edition different than the print edition?
The new digital edition includes everything you love from the print edition.  It will include more patterns than the print edition -  available in a printable pdf – and interactive audio and video features.  You’ll also have access to the digital archive of Primitive Quilts and Projects with issues going back to 2011!


What happens with my existing subscription?
The number of copies left in your subscription will be replaced with the digital edition.  Please make sure your current email is on file to be sure you will receive your issues.  To make sure we have your email on file please contact pqpcustserv@cdsfulfillment.com or you can call 800-361-8058 (515-237-3657 in Canada).  


How can I purchase at wholesale? 
Primitive Quilts and Projects will no longer be available in print form after the Winter 2023 issue.  Back issue copies can be purchased at
Recent Issues - Back Issues - Page 1 - Primitive Quilts and Projects


What if I can't download the digital magazine?
Please contact
customerservice@primitivequiltsandprojects.com for technical help.


I purchased a digital pattern (or magazine, or back issue) but I never received it. When will it arrive?
First, please check your Spam folder. The email will be coming from eMags. Please add this address to your address book to avoid any issues with receiving. If you still do not see your pattern, magazine, or issue, please contact
customerservice@primitivequiltsandprojects.com for technical help.


I can't find the template for XYZ pattern, where is it?
Please contact
customerservice@primitivequiltsandprojects.com for technical help.


What if I don’t want the digital version? 
Unfortunately the print edition is no longer available.  We can offer you a credit to be used on our online shop at primitivequiltsandprojects.com.


How do I get a refund?
We are unable to offer a refund, but you can be compensated with a credit towards our online store where you can purchase back issues, patterns and more.


How do I buy a gift for a friend?
You can purchase a gift subscription by clicking subscribe at the top of primitivequiltsandprojects.com


How do I subscribe to the digital version?
You can purchase a subscription by clicking subscribe at the top of primitivequiltsandprojects.com


How can I get a printed issue?
Unfortunately these are no longer available, but you can order back issue copies at Recent Issues - Back Issues - Page 1 - Primitive Quilts and Projects


How can I get a printed pattern?
The new digital edition of the magazine will include a pdf which can be printed, but we are not offering printed patterns for sale.