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I Love Washington!

Last week my boyfriend and I traveled to Washington to visit a couple friends. This was my second time out there, and his first. It was the perfect vacation from humid 90 degree West Virginia. We had beautiful weather in the mid 70s all week. We spent our first day in downtown Seattle. Of course we had to go to Pike Place Market! Our second day we went on a long hike which lead to this b…

West Virginia Flooded with Love

Many of you know that we live in, and publish our magazine in West Virginia.With the news of the devastating floods here, we have been asked by so many of you if we are okay.Yes, we are fine. We are safeā€¦the flooding did not happen in our area. We are heart-broken for our West Virginia friends and families who were in the thick of it all.West Virginia celebrated its 153rd birthday on Monday…