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Who Taught You to Sew?

In a recent newsletter we asked you how you learned to sew.  We accepted narrative answers and loved reading them.  In general most of us learned from our moms, grandmothers, other relatives.  Additionally so many of us learned in Home Economics classes and 4-H.  There were so many fun answers that when saved to a Word or PDF file, took up 77 pages.  Here are pages 1-3 of…

Appliqué Tutorials by Lisa Burmann

A popular designer whose projects you've enjoyed in Primitive Quilts and Projects is Lisa Burmann, of Burmann Studios.  She is a long-arm quilter, designer, and lecturer (the fun kind!).Recently she uploaded three great tutorials on appliqué.  We thought you'd be interested in seeing her tips for curves, points, circles, and a clever alternative to the starch method--she's a smartie!Clic…