How Stitching Improves My Life

Stitching Outside

You have probably read, heard, or experienced the myriad ways crafting, in general, improves mental health.If you haven’t heard about this, just search the Internet and you’ll find plenty of proof.

I have learned that I love hand stitching, and it has brought several healthy improvements to my life, mentally and physically.

I get an immediate sense of satisfaction with each stitch in the fabric, and each little piece of fabric sewn down.And once an appliqué motif is complete, I get to enjoy the amazing beauty of something that my little fingers accomplished!

Winding down in the evenings, if I simply sit in front of the TV, I most likely fall asleep, which ruins my chances of getting a good night’s sleep.Conversely, if I have a needle and thread going, I stay awake until bedtime, and end up sleeping really well all night long.And when you get a good night’s sleep, you feel great the next day:You don’t crave junk food, and you’re more likely get some physical exercise!So for me, this helps me maintain a healthy weight.And because I end up in a good mood, my relationships stay strong.

Stitching also puts me in a zen-like meditative state, which is so crucial to mental well-being.It slows down my thoughts and my pulse.Calm and relaxed…stress-free.

It also provides an endless supply of beautiful quilts to display in my home or to give away as gifts.That makes everyone happy!

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