How to Help Butte County Camp Fire Victims

The Butte County Camp Fire wiped out communities and thousands of homes, and took the lives of more than 80 people last month. The fire has been contained, and now the displaced residents begin the process of picking up and rebuilding their lives.

Just a few miles away, the town of Chico was spared. Honey Run Quilters is located there, and has countless connections with the neighboring communities affected by the fire, including hundreds of quilters who lost everything and the only quilt shop in Paradise which was destroyed. We all know the comfort one feels while creating a quilt, whether planning, cutting, stitching, displaying, or gifting. Some of these displaced quilters are now reaching out to Honey Run Quilters in search of a project to work on for the therapeutic benefit of something familiar to do.

Honey Run Quilters has embarked on a mission to provide quilts, fabrics, and supplies to these special quilt makers. They have already collected over 500 quilts. Also, the members of Annie’s Star Guild of Chico are doing the important job of organizing all the fabric and quilt donations and are also reaching out to the Ridge Quilters of Paradise. 

You can help by sending:

  1. Yardage, pre-cuts, or other stash-building fabrics,
  2. Quilts, or
  3. Money


Honey Run Quilters

c/o Ronda Mensching (Camp Fire)

2418 Cohasset Rd

Chico, CA 95926

Or call 530-342-5464

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