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Sum20 Digital
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This is a Digital download only - nothing will be mailed to you.  After you complete your order, the system will send you an email with a summary of the products ordered.  After each title for digital product, you will see blue download wording/text.  Click on that blue text and it will take you to the downloading page that should have an image of the product.  At the lower left of the image you will see the actual file on the file name and the file will automatically be sent to the Downloads folder on your computer.  We recommend opening the file from there and using the "Save As" tool to store the file somewhere permanent on your computer.   Enjoy!


This issue features beautiful projects by these designers:

Carrie Buck

Kay Harmon

Julie Porter

Patricia Sanabria-Frederich

Deanna Hodson

Susan Marth

Ana Alonso

Tonya Robey

Kathy Flowers

Katie Solberg

Sonia Alonso

Tracey Roberts

Lisa Burmann