Behind the Scenes - Summer 2022 Photoshoot

Posted by Sandra Salamony on Apr 14th 2022

Our photoshoot for the Summer issue had an extra element of excitement because we didn't know if we'd be having the photo shoot at all until that morning! Our host, Sue Hubbell, is a registered nu … read more

Inspo - Jeri's House

Posted by Kristine Hastings and Jeri Alcoset on Feb 21st 2022

From Kristine Hastings and Jeri AlcosetHi Judy,Our human interest / inspo project is Jeri’s house. Dimensions are 13" x 40".  I used to cross stitch homes for people so I thought I would try usin … read more


Posted by Sandra on Jan 13th 2022

My father was first-generation Italian, so we have many holiday food traditions: making biscotti and pizzelles for Thanksgiving, stuffing and folding cappelletti at Christmas to serve in broth, and be … read more
Behind the Scenes - Winter 2021 Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes - Winter 2021 Photoshoot

Posted by Sandra Salamony on Oct 21st 2021

We shot the "winter" issue in the heat and humidity of August, at a beautiful log cabin on the Boardman River in Traverse City, Michigan. I usually show up an hour or two early to set up some shots be … read more
Needle and Thread Chart

Needle and Thread Chart

Posted by Judy and the Fall 2017 Designers of Primitive Quilts and Projects on Sep 8th 2021

We compiled and initially published this chart in the Fall 2017 Designer Notes column. The recommendations are from the designers in that issue. The chart now appears in every issue of our little maga … read more